Trace your mental pattern!!

Hello! Dear Readers..

Ever wondered that why every person react in a different way in different situations? Why exams affect someone that they can’t even sleep? Why someone roams like they have no worries for future? Why someone get panicked, irritated and annoyed so easily? Why someone has so much patience?

Well maybe you have thought of it or maybe not. But you must have seen yourselves behaving weird, annoyed, chilled and loving in different life situations. May be you also panicked while exams or maybe not. Maybe your prefer patience over anger.

All this happens due to your mental pattern which decides your reaction in a particular situation. I am not talking about violent and bad behaviour because that’s a choice of an individual.

To understand your mental pattern observe yourself under all the stressful situation and note your behaviour. After this when you try to recover from stressful situation then notice that what exactly works for you. It could be dancing, singing, writing, playing, walk, cycling or anything.

Once you recognise your mental pattern you will be able to save yourself from maximum situation. Like you realise that deadlines create panic for you then you will work before peak time. You understand that too much socializing affects you then you could make boundaries. Alone travel rejoice and boost you then you could choose it.

These are just few examples and differs from person to person. It’s your life, your experiences and your emotions and it all matter. You can’t change other person behaviour but yes you could work on yourselves by detecting your mental pattern.

So,take some time to recognise and understand your thought process and trace your mental pattern. This will help you in better understanding of your choices, opinions and better decision making.

All this will form a base for a better tomorrow and a better living..

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Fears are a source of happiness!!

Humans are a social creature and from the day of our birth we become a part of the society.

The day we are born, we know nothing and we are just crying and crying. And everyone loves us because we are cute, innocent and a baby..

But ever wondered that as a child how we are free from all fears, carry no grudges and excited to learn every new things. But with growing age we start to carry fears, insecurities and many such things.

Oh! I am not going to tell you that these fears are worse you need to leave it, fight it. That’s not my style. But yes here is something that I learned from life.

Isn’t it strange that we are born with no fears and with growing age we develop them and then struggle to fight and survive it the whole life.

But I feel this is what life calls for. This is living. We are bound to grow with fears like fear of falling from bicycle while learning it, fear of low marks, fear of not being in terms with your generation.

But why does this happen? Because this is life and this is how it is supposed to be beautiful and exciting. So instead of thinking that we struggle with our fears, imagine we play with our fears and grow with them.

The day you learn cycling, completed your tough work and overcome any of your fear, remember the feeling of happiness, victory. The moment was so heart-warming and lovely. And we all crave for that. It seems like we are queen or king and huge applaud for us.

While thinking of this didn’t you smiled, didn’t you lost in that moment for few seconds , doesn’t it ask you to start again?? So today sit with you and think of your fears and make a list and begin the journey of enormous happiness.

Like if you have fear of speaking in public then take it this way that how exciting it would be when my heart beat will rise, my hands, legs started to shaken. I will be nervous but guess what I tried and I get one level up.

Think it as something you like, connect it with something like video game, actual battle field and something close to your heart and feel the fun of living.

I know you must be considering me a mad person and obviously you should. But isn’t it a honour to be mad if this gives you excitement, encouragement and pure vibes.

Because first time you must undergo rough experience but trust me you will see change from second time. That feeling of improved person will be your source of motivation.

And when you will look back and relaize how much you learned, enjoyed and you will be proud of yourself. So just try to make yourself proud.

Because all this is a part of life. And when you will understand it and try to live and feel it. That day you will agree with my words that;

Fear are a source of happiness”.

I surrender!!

Surrender – word for losers, failures and obviously a hopeless person use it as an excuse to face the world. Ohh! You surrender you are useless, unworthy of respect, weak and destroyed.

So one day I met a person with happy soul and asked how you always find hope, live in present and comfortable with all the troubles in the life?? How you turn this pale boring life into love, laughter and joy??

The person smiled and said I got some magic. I was looking at her with full disappointment that yes nice joke, so now can adults talk? Because sorry but Harry Potter was just a book and only a story.

She versed her magic by saying: Surrender to the uncertainty and see the magic of divine!!

I was completely shaken and find it very useless because hello lady? but I am not a loser. She gave a cute smile and left. And I was alone there with judgement and hopelessness.

My life was already a mess and this lady add on to this. May be she is foolish and I expected too much from her.

But one day I was so tired of fighting in my own mental cage and I had no option other than surrending. So Now yes I am also a loser. I feel lost like every other person.

The moment I surrender thoughts emerged like a tornado and I was irritated, frustrated but then with time magic really happens.

My negative thoughts started to make a way to vanish because I no more care about it. I quit. I welcomed everything that come my way and surprisingly with span of time things actually started to work out.

I gave time to my own thoughts rather than battling with them. If my mind directs me of something I adore it, respect it and give it a deep thought.

Maybe surrendering is a path of submerging into thoughts and realise your own worth. And maybe this is true living!!

Love colour – Why not black??

Love, this word has power to make you smile, cry, broken and so on… The base of every relationship is love and it makes everything beautiful and lovely.

Love are explained in many ways but I think explaining this emotion is out of our control. But yes we define it by colours like for some people love can be red, for someone it could be white, yellow, blue and much more.

But by throughly going into the idea of love – I see a different vision.

The colour of love is Black.

Although black is seen as negativity, darkness, terror but just think that isn’t it all a perception of mind??

I saw love as black because I noticed that black colour mix with every other colour, changes its texture, shade but still never leaves it’s own essence.

So for moment ,think of love – why not black??

It’s beauty is glorified every moment it gets in contact with varieties of colour, involve with every colour, respect every colour but always keep the beauty of its own.

Maybe we all need this, because love never ask you to change, because love never limits you.

Love is the wings in the boundary less Universe, love makes impossible happen, because love knows love.

But if it is love when you lost yourself? Leave your own essence?? Well in my terms No!!

Think! Think! Think!

Whatever colour you choose or maybe you choose nothing but the idea is to be you, carry your essence, your light in every relationship.

Because it’s only your essence, light,and your colour that makes you beautiful and loved…

Why not a sad, bad day??

Sad reflect darkness, paleness, irritation and mess. We all somewhere try to run from a bad day.

Ever wondered why??? Yes because it’s sad and it’s bad. Let’s try to switch the thoughts..

Consider a different criteria when we have a rough day we are at highest of our emotions. Those emotions which we used to neglect in the chaos of living!! Painful, isn’t it? That we are avoiding ourselves in the sake of good and meaning life.

Maybe sad day tell us where we are lacking, where we need to find our comfort, our peace. Days like such tells us that how important is to stand by your side, feel your emotions, live that moment to the fullest. Yes! sometimes it’s funny and meaningless that we are running from ourselves.

But where will be reaching??? I guess in the mess of life with anxiety, depression, loneliness and lifeless.

So when next time when you are sad or have bad day first thank the divine order to provide you a time for. It’s tough but why don’t you try. Everything is worth a try.

Then feel your heart for a minute, feel your emotions and then establish what you feel, what’s exactly making you sad. At that moment you will reveal many of your secrets, many of your old memories and cherishing moments of life.

Once again you will feel like living.

Just make a pact to you either you are happy, sad, annoyed, enjoyable, and others you will feel the moment and live the moment, learn from it and explore it.

Because that’s what living is in moments!!

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