Hello readers. How’s everyone doing. Hopefully, all are safe and sound.

I was thinking of a slippery road or a slippery path. Ever encountered any slippery road where it’s tough to walk and you may fall?

Let’s begin with a story. There was a boy who has to travel a slippery road to reach his place and there was another road but that took too long to reach. So, he decided to take a slippery path and walk slowly. But it’s slippery it leaves none so he always falls at least once. And he quickly observed his surroundings and get up. But one day some people saw him from a distant terrace and started laughing. They used to do it often. He was embarrassed that he stand up and walk without looking up. He felt shame and abandoned that road. He thought he was foolish enough to a piece of laughter. But since another road took way longer so he has no option left. But now things are changed, he has more fear of that road and now first he observes his surrounding properly and then walks. While on that road he questioned the human scenario that everyone laughed and didn’t come to help him or cheering him. And it goes on…

Slippery road – the good metaphor isn’t it? Sometimes we have no option other than taking that path. The boy asked a simple question of why no one came to rescue, everyone preferred laughter. Doesn’t it exist in the real world and our lives? Those people while you’re falling prefer to laugh? I mean it’s cool that they are unable to rescue but maybe they could cheer up. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. And here my blog title suggests – It’s not them who will come.

So, what you gonna do then? Either never choose that road? Or prepare enough to make it happen? Or my favorite that laugh on yourself and make it a moment? It’s completely your choice. But here is a dilemma that if you choose not to walk then it would take longer. And preparing is good but the road is slippery still you can slip. Maybe someone suggests that wear certain shoes that prevent slipping, nice idea. And laughing at yourself isn’t that easy.

Thereby every option comes with some string and hence no proper rescue exists. What will you do then? (Mention in comments )

The boy revealed you and that slippery road is the indicator of problems that you will face and the people laughing will remain the same. Yes, your people come to rescue but will they always?

You will feel drained at those moments but you need to believe in yoursleves.

Image credits – Pexels

In those moments you need to believe in yourself that these falls don’t define you. These are just moments of life and my sincere suggestion is – learn to laugh at yourself because trust me it will be fun. And if someone laughs at you, say welcome as you gave them reasons to laugh. Greet them keep smiling and live happily. Your gesture would be moment changing for you and the other person.

And understand that you need not be embarrassed because they don’t know what’s on your page. So, don’t explain to them, just get up laugh, cheer up and walk again. It’s simple and complicated so make it funny. You know sometimes sarcasm works.

You have to be at your side always. You have seen your good, bad, odd, and knows your strength and weakness. You know how it feels, and how you wanted to feel.

I am not imparting a message to get isolated and don’t get along with others. Humans are a social creature and meeting people, loving them, sharing bonds are part of our lives. Share your stuff and open up but before everything learn that having people doesn’t mean that you can’t walk away alone when required.

Don’t be embarrassed about your falls because they are teaching you and helping you to grow. As you love, the same as that live with full of your heart. Take miseries as a part of you and when they come, have daring,courage, and belief to walk away peacefully and happily.

Till my next blog – learn, grow, and live…×3-5/

(WHAT IF 2x3=5!!)


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