Shaking head because sometimes people actually shake your head.


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Hello readers!! How’s everyone doing? I learned a new thing so thought to share it here. Let’s grow and learn together.

We always think if we are questioned over something then it would be wrong. In some cases, the approach differs and the same situation is right for one and wrong for others so people can question. Anyway who questions an absolute right thing? I always think this way but some situations change your perspective of seeing things.

What you think, is meditation good or bad? Some may be doing it, some may be trying it and someone is still like I don’t know about it. This blog is not on meditation so in case you’re beginners it’s fine. Meditation is a daily practice that drives our whole day positively and effectively. It takes longer to able to do it but the practice is the key. (Just my definition.)

I am performing meditation for many months now and yet have to learn more of it. Since the beginning, I was cheered up by my parents. But someday a strange thing happened, they wanted me to do something while I was busy in meditation (morning prep) and they somehow questioned it. They are like all I do is meditation, well maybe. I began to think about why they questioned it? They already knew about it and neither it’s a bad thing or habit. And a sudden realization hits me that sometimes people even question your right thing. Not because that’s wrong even for them but due to a reflex of human nature.

As humans, we expect people to be at our sides but unfortunately, this can’t happen always. Though we know it still we can’t digest it. We start to think they could do something different as well can shift their work. My expectations are genuine and they must make way. We start to think of other’s things as small and just work. On the other hand, considered our work as important and worthy. We are knocked up by the basic human nature – expectations, presence of others, and much more. And this happens with everyone at some stages in life.

I am not saying that they are wrong and it could happen to anyone. But here I am trying to tell you that the other person would never understand the value of a particular thing in your life. They somehow evaluate it by their thoughts, opinions, and choices. It’s common sometimes we think others juggle/situation as small and ours as huge. From this point, we can learn another thing that we are in a habit of seeing our situation or problem as big. We create a boundary around us which explains to us how tough we are dealing with. I am not judging and questioning anyone but in case this makes a little sense to you then consider it in your daily lives.

This has happened to me as I used to think in a way that makes an even simpler test, a big disaster, assignment as havoc, and daily work as boring and annoying. With time I felt that situation isn’t wrong, it’s me who has a negative mindset. I tried to work in a different direction and change my mindset. And soon things weren’t tough instead it’s brought me new learning and enjoyment. I started to feel like I have everything to make a happy and beautiful life. Because all I need is to think differently and positively. It’s just an example as I respect the one suffering any big issue and remember you can get through it.

Here I am stating my example to make you understand that this happens to every individual like me. I certainly changed the topic of reading but I thought I should add this. Coming back to my topic. The other person who can’t completely understand your part least they can do is respecting it and accepting it open-minded.

But what to do when closed ones questioned us?

  • First, don’t judge yourself according to what others say (most important for driving it) because everyone is a product of their experiences, choices, and thought.
  • Clarify things for yourself and understand that it’s important for you and an actual right thing.
  • In case of confusion, measure the benefit of your work on your personal growth (no marks, grades, etc..)
  • Don’t over – expect from yourself, it’s okay to have slow growth.
  • If it serves you then go ahead it’s the right thing.
  • You can add other things as per your convenience.

Remember, right and wrong are situational and a reflection of individual opinions, experiences, choices, and thoughts… Don’t see yourselves from other lenses, it may be good but question is, will it fit you? This will take time but believe and patience can make the finest thing happen. So believe and keep on checking on yourselves to understand what’s worth for you.

Hope this blog served you and till my next blog learn, grow, and live…




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